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  • National TV Show Package
  • Product Placement Package
  • Radio Show & Host Package
  • The Comedians Package
  • Ghost Writing
  • Website Design/Website Maintenance
National TV Show Package

Do you want to land national TV interviews, and have your brand viewed by millions? With the National TV Show Package, Elvie G PR will create a strategic pitch to help secure you a segment. We will send packages with your products to TV hosts, talent producers, and executive producers, and follow up via email to ensure receipt. We will put your products into the hands of some of TV’s biggest hosts and producers, and connect your brand with producers seeking your products.

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Product Placement Package

Do you want your product to be all over a celebrity’s social media? This is the perfect package if you’re looking for tons of exposure and visibility for your products. We will connect your products with celebrities who can showcase your product to their fans, boosting your brand and increasing sales.

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Radio Show & Host Package

Do you want to be featured on a show and heighten your visibility?

Elvie G PR has talent booked for many events/shows like The Hoodie Awards, The Deshai Cole Show, and The Steve Harvey Radio Show, etc. We have acquired a large list of celebrity contacts, and we will reach out to them to easily get big talent for a show! In addition to utilizing our extensive network, we will pitch you for a few online interviews to heighten your digital presence. We will secure monthly interviews, which we will promote on our company’s social media sites, our personal social media accounts, and reach out to big talent to share it on their social media sites.

Extras! (optional)

We can make your video go viral when you have an in-studio with a big celebrity! We can send your video for consideration to sites like TMZ, Media Takeout, Bossip, etc. If your video is posted, the site will promote you on their social media and connect you to a wide audience of viewers.

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The Comedian’s Package (45 days)

Are you a comedian searching for the BIG break? We can help you achieve it! Elvie G PR will send your best 4-6 performances to all the major morning shows, mid-day shows, evening talk shows, and late night television! We will place your videos with some of TV’s biggest hosts and producers.

Some of our best connections are with:

  • The Talk
  • KTLA
  • The Queen Latifah Show
  • The View
  • The Arsenio Hall Show
  • Etc…

This package will consist of 45 days. We will create a strategic pitch to send and follow up accordingly with all pitches. We will do everything in our power to secure interviews within the 45 day span. If an opportunity comes up anytime in the future, we will most definitely set up the interview and attend it with you.

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Ghost Writing

Do you want to write a book but need help getting started? We can provide you with:

  • Book Structure/layout
  • 7-10 writing sessions
  • 3-5 editing sessions
  • Assistance in cover designing
  • Assistance with photoshoot
  • Coach is getting book for sale on Amazon, Kindle, Itunes, etc...
  • Celebrity and VIP quotes for the back of the book
  • List of distribution companies to own 100% if your book so that you can secure your own distribution

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Website Design/Website Maintenance

Do you want to create an attractive website or polish yours up? We can help you with:

  • Creating a brand new website
  • Revamping an existing website
  • Managing social media websites
  • Website maintenance

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